About Us

TeamScale is a well-established software development company with a Israeli owned and managed development center in India since 2011 and Ukraine since 2014. The India and Ukraine centers are managed by Israeli high-tech professionals.

The company aims to enable the recruitment and management of high-quality technological personnel in India and Ukraine and to leverage the advantages of the global village for its customers. The company believes in end-to-end service, from sourcing, evaluation and capacity assurance through optimal working conditions and daily supervision. Our unique service is based on an intimate understanding that it is possible and desirable to integrate programmers of diverse backgrounds, thus, dealing with the difficulties of recruitment and the endless competition with huge companies.

Offshore development in India or Ukraine - while maintaining a strict recruitment process - enables reaching a wide range of top-quality developers with relevant education and experience, excellent English, work ethics and loyalty. The developers in India and Ukraine highly value the Israeli high-tech industry and appreciate the opportunity to take part in it.

The challenge in recruiting in India and Ukraine is the huge supply from which only the best and the most suitable must be chosen. Each job has hundreds of candidates, many of whom are not of a sufficient level. The expertise we have developed and the experience we have gained since 2011 enable us to locate and recruit the best, those who meet the high standards of Israeli developers.

In order to address this challenge, we have developed a recruitment funnel adapted to the Indian and Ukrainian labor market. Only 3% of the developers who begin the screening process reach the stage of a final interview with the customers.

Key added values
  • Locating and recruiting top-notch developers in India and Ukraine, with a process uniquely tailored to the needs of Israeli technology companies
  • End-to-end administrative management - recruiting and retaining personnel, facilities and offices at the highest level
  • Direct professional management by the customers, support and assistance by our Israeli managers in India and Ukraine
  • Significant cost reduction (approximately 65% less than the costs of employment in Israel)
  • Extensive experience in recruitment of personnel in India since 2011 and in the Ukraine since 2014