The problem:

About 6-10 years ago, there was a wave of outsourcing companies that brought the "message of Indian programmers."
Unfortunately many of the programmers were at a very low level. Some of the vendors provided junior at less than 500$ salaries as senior developers, and "raked" a 2,500$ coupon for a junior-low-quality programmer.
As a result - the brand has lost its value.

The Solution:

  • We offer only the best of Indian and Ukrainian programmers.
  • We locate from a pool of top-notch developers from global companies and leading universities.
  • Western placement experts (in Israel and in Canada) identify with the client the role and needs.
  • Our placement specialists in India and Ukraine - locate candidates, interview, examine and transfer only quality candidates to the client. The client can conduct interviews or tests of their own, according to the needs.
  • Training and support by an us, at the customer's place, with management and workingmethodologies suited for offshore development team.
  • Senior Israelis CTO/COO are on relocation at our Indian and Ukrainian development centers, for continuous improvement and streamlining of the work processes at the development center.