TeamScale recruited a dedicated team for us several years ago. After an unsuccessful experience with an Eastern-European offshore company, TeamScale proved to offer a highly professional recruitment team, attentive to our requirements and needs – who knew to accurately translate the role definitions we provided into precise recruitments. The filling of the posts was performed in a professional and admirable manner. After two years of a very successful offshore activity, we doubled our staff levels at TeamScale’s development center in India. We are very satisfied with TeamScale’s service, and recommend every company to expand their team in India through TeamScale.
Geosim, Tomer Zomer, Studio Manager

We have been working with a dedicated development team at TeamScale’s offices in India since 2014. By transitioning some of the development activity to our own team in India, we reduced our labor costs by 60%. The extremely stable infrastructure in the India offices are commended and notable as well as the rare staff retention ability provided by TeamScale’s HR staff. We will certainly continue working together -:)
Manta-Web, Gabi Shneider, CEO

We’ve started the process with TeamScale with some qualms – we were not so sure about working with offshore developers. Both the Israeli management team and the recruitment team made us feel assured. As a result, we decided to take action and establish our offshore R&D center. The recruitment team sent us continuous status updates (candidates, tests, interviews and salary details). Our confirmation was given after our team conducted a final interview and confirmed the recruitment team’s recommendations. This is how we formed our own dedicated team! At the beginning of the work, the TeamScale instructors guided us and our team until we were all comfortable with the remote working procedures. It is now three years since we’ve been working with our India R&D dedicated team. We’re extremely happy with the superb skills, hard-workingn ethic and tremendous loaylty of our developers. Good Job!!!
Michal Malka, Project Manager for Soft-Air