Low Cost High Quality

Based in India with local Israeli management, our 3D teams offer you a hassle-free professional high-quality solution at a lower cost.

Quick Scalability

Having a large source of Indian 3D Artists at our immediate reach, will enable you to quickly scale your team at any step without losing quality.

Pinpointing Experts

Our experience with boutique recruiting in India’s large talent sources allows us to find the right people for the right task in a short time.

A powerful offering
Your own 3D-team

We help medium size and enterprise companies to recruit and manage 3D Teams, that will work from our Studio in India, and will act as your in-house team – to create large-scale 3D projects. 


Best of both worlds, working for you

Deep understanding of large-scale 3D projects

With many years of 3D Studios operation in India and Israel, we understand the needs of the your business and of the resources needed. We will ask all the right questions to create a clear roadmap towards achieving the winning 3D Team for you.


We build and manage 3D Studios for Tech Companies in the field of AI, Computer Vision, Synthetic data, 3D visualization, Augmented Reality, 3D product representations, Simulation and Training Datasets.

Precise recruitment funnel

With almost a decade of operating large scale (and boutique) 3D Studios for Tech Companies, we have optimized a rigorous and precise candidate screening process, which enables us to identify and hire the best-fit team for your needs in a short period of time.


Local Israeli administration

Highly experienced Israeli administration located at our Indian hub will take care

of your team from A to Z, helping them achieve their goals.

Domain expertise


3D Studio

TeamScale is a well-established recruitment company with an Israeli owned and managed development centers and a 3D-studio in India since 2011 and in Ukraine since 2014. The center in India is managed by Israeli high-tech professionals. The company believes in end-to-end service, which begins with sourcing, filtering, hiring, and employee retention , through optimal working conditions and daily supervision.

India-Israel innovation HUB

India-Israel - 3D ecosystem

The HUB is a non-profit venture which seeks to promote the relationship and technological cooperation between Indian and Israeli 3D tech companies.
The HUB is an important partner that promotes and nurtures the 3D Studio.

What we stand by

#Sourcing-stage: Precise recruitment funnel

We have developed a proven recruitment funnel that is uniquely tailored for you, based on a powerful collaboration between the Indian professional market and the Israeli high-tech scene.

Our hassle-free unique recruitment funnel delivers only 3% of the candidates, who have passed our screening process, to be evaluated by our clients.

What we stand by:

  • Exact candidates. Having hundreds and thousands of candidates for each position poses a challenge, but it also provides the best opportunity to filter the best candidates according to the unique needs and requirements of our clients.
  • A professional assessment is made in a few sequential stages, using advanced tools and methodologies, such as an online testing platform, in-depth interviews, and technical assessment. All stages are transparent and in full collaboration with our clients. We even encourage clients to add their own tests to the technical assessment phase.
  • Cultural fit assessment. While professional tests are extremely important, we also find that the team should fit at the cultural and personal levels of the team and client. We have developed a unique testing process with an Israeli occupational psychologist and an Indian occupational psychologist, that allows predicting the suitability of candidates to fit in. This assessment analyses critical thinking, problem solving, credibility & ethics, working as a remote team (with Israeli orientation), and more.

#Routine working-stage: Dedicated team & Employees retention

While the 3D teams we recruit for you are not on your company payroll, in our view, they are full members of your team. We would be happy to see them making progress within your company, and if justified, promoted as any other employee. Your offshore Indian dedicated team should be involved in training, product launches, and any other activities your onshore team has.

What we care about for your dedicate team:

  • The communication skills both lingual and cultural of your dedicated team will be flawless (stems from our unique recruitment funnel). No matter the distance, your offshore-dedicated team will be in full communication and transparency with you.
  • On the daily routine work of your dedicated team, our HR is fully involved in the administrative and personal interaction with all employees, such as seminars, team activities, parties, and holidays.
  • Our HR is also responsible for quarterly feedback sessions with the Indian team members and their team-leader in Israel in full transparency.
  • Your offshore dedicated Indian 3D team will enjoy the India-Israel Ecosystem vibrant and dynamic working environment. Your team will enjoy the unique atmosphere of our HUB, interactions with other teams working for Israeli companies, and participate in meetings with Israeli opinion leaders and professionals.

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