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    Hire India Top 1% Developers/Engineers

    Data Scientists - AI/ML - Cloud Experts

    High Performance - Affordable cost
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    Customized Recruitment, Exceptional Talent

    Tailored Funnel for Each Client, Rigorous Screening
    Efficiently Sourcing the Best Candidates

A Unique Recruitment Funnel

Sourcing and recruiting top-notch developers in India with a process uniquely tailored for the needs of Israeli technology companies

Extensive Administrative Management

HR personnel, facilities and offices of the highest level

Teams Tailored for Customers

Direct professional management by the customers, support and assistance by our Israeli manager in India

Israeli Management and Ownership

Israeli owned and managed development center in New Delhi, managed by Israeli High-Tech veterans

Significant Cost Reduction

Approximately 65% less than the costs of employment in Israel, Europe & North America


Experience in India since 2011

Our center for software development has been operating in India since 2011